Achieving Clarity.

With near real-time data and analytics, safeguarding Is only the beginning.

Automated Timely Accurate Communication

Reaching For the Total Picture.

With SmartConnect, worker and job site safety always come first. Our purpose-built Automated Timely Accurate Communication (A.T.A.C.) platform gives near-real-time situational awareness and guides team members to respond to events and intercede before a tragic loss occurs. Leaders have the essential facts to mentor, educate, and train workers on-the-spot, leading to increased productivity, improved behavior, and enhanced decision-making skills.

Attention to Detail Sets Us Apart

Pulling from the self-contained location intranet, our cloud-based SmartConnect software connects through all levels of site operations to deliver situational awareness across workspaces.

Built into that secure environment is an extra layer of protection offering a window into the overall performance of each workspace every day. Where previously only assumptions existed, relevant insight into daily equipment and worker activities becomes possible.

Developed in the Field (Not the Office) by Industry Experts

Designed and engineered by project management and safety professionals — experts familiar with the unique challenges and unpredictability inherent to industrial work environments — SmartConnect applies technology-enabled solutions to existing human challenges (not the other way around).

Easy-to-understand metrics give site leaders the information they need to act quickly and resolve issues.

Through the use of near real-time data and analytics, daily activities are visible and actionable at any time, ensuring optimal workspace safety, quality, and performance.

SmartConnect also offers real-time weather integration, giving site leaders weather alerts while automatically collecting useful productivity and safety data related to weather impacts.

No-Strings-Attached Personalized Installation and Training

Constructed to operate independently from existing on-premises power and network systems, SmartConnect installs quickly — often within days — across job sites. RESTful API support integrates with third-party software solutions, enabling fast and secure deployment. SmartConnect offers on-site, personalized support during installation to ensure a smooth experience and maximum benefits.

Connect With Us

Learn how SmartConnect improves safety and turns "what if" into "why not". Contact our team to see SmartConnect in action and access hardware white papers.

Supervisor Application

Experience Supervisor, the SmartConnect virtual demonstration platform. Real environments and use cases - advanced asset and event simulations. Access available on request.