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What does it feel like to manage safety crises like a man down alert through the SmartConnect solution?

Why do virtual zones and geolocation add huge new capabilities to project management?

How exactly will changes in worker movement really improve time on tools?

The Supervisor app is available online and as a standalone iOS application. Click the button above to provide the needed information and a SmartConnect representative will provide free user access.

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The Supervisor Application puts the answers to questions like these at your fingertips, in real time, without the concerns of impact on actual personnel. Like the real SmartConnect solution, the Supervisor App displays workers icon movement on actual location maps as they interact with geo-fenced areas and go about their tasks. Unlike the real SmartConnect solution, the Supervisor App let’s you simulate days of activity all at once and trigger dangerous scenarios at will. Advanced individual worker logic is built in, creating a realistic environment to glimpse into the connected worker future. Supervisor gives you the freedom to explore and improve.


Trial – Implementing a connected worker technology on a site is a big step. With the Supervisor Application, your organization can experience the software side of the system and possible scenario outcomes. It’s like dating without any big expectations.

Training – Get the full benefit of the SmartConnect software suite by experiencing core functionality events in simulated space. Call a muster and watch the worker assets move towards a muster area and automatically register. Respond to a worker who has entered a restricted area. The Supervisor Taskmaster feature will lead users through a series of challenges and provide feedback on how the response was handled.

Process Improvement – Since the Supervisor app is all virtual space, simulations can be run of your actual location to test the impacts of site changes like lay down yard placement. It is the best answer to the “what if” questions we all ask.


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Supervisor Application

Experience Supervisor, the SmartConnect virtual demonstration platform. Real environments and use cases - advanced asset and event simulations. Access available on request.