Advancing Teamwork

SmartConnect drives safety, improves project efficiences, and delivers peace of mind within industrial workspaces.

SmartBadge Connected Worker

Why SmartConnect Works

SmartConnect’s unique suite of technologies connects leaders and crews wherever they are on a job site. Flexible and purpose-built, the solution provides near real-time information so leaders know who’s working – and what’s happening – in the field at all times.

Awareness in Every Situation

SmartConnect draws virtual “shields” around team members, watching for interaction events with areas and keeps them safe with our wearable Smart Badge. Engineered by industrial workspace experts, our state-of-the-art LoRa radio technology penetrates concrete walls and extends across acres of terrain. This exclusive bilateral communication system uses text messaging and audible alerts to keep crews in touch.

Help Is Just A Call Away

One independent gateway manages communication for hundreds or badges at a time. In the event of an accident, anyone can transmit an alert by pressing a button on their Smart Badge. Within seconds, emergency services and crew leaders are notified. Within minutes, leaders can view activities on-screen and make critical decisions in real-time.

Practical Applications

Want to track efficiency or trace a specific job pattern?
Run a report that details current job performance and highlights potential improvements in minutes.
Need to locate a team member?
Instantly pinpoint a worker’s location to see where they are, what they’re doing, and how long they’ve been on task.
Want to alert team members to potentially dangerous areas?
Create geofenced zones which trigger Smart Badge and system alerts when workers enter a restricted area.
Need a count of team members following a muster?
Use the Smart Badge to monitor workers’ locations, check them safely into muster stations, and automatically warn them of potentially dangerous areas.
Need to find exact locations for crew members whena general alarm sounds?

Pull up a map overlay on any screen to view a team’s location in real-time.

Wondering why it takes so long for team members to get on tools?

Run a workflow or job pattern report to gain insight into workers’ behaviors and routines.

Need to reroute a crew to a new location?
Dispatch instructions or via text through the Smart Badge. Workers receive notifications and can shift gears within minutes without impacting productivity.
Need to justify a process change with your supervisor?
Run an efficiency report detailing where valuable time is being wasted.
Want to recognize a high-performing employee?
Gather data that clearly shows how that person is making a positive impact on the team.
Need to capture a new range of analytics and don’t know how?
Tell SmartConnect what data you need and we’ll help you get it.