Built to transform the way information guides project management.

The patent pending SmartConnect connected worker ecosystem leverages a unique suite of technologies to create a real-time safety and project management solution that will measurably drive project performance.

At its core, SmartConnect provides best-in-class, safety, quality, and production management for a host of event based capital construction projects. While the primary solution emphasis is on safety, the data SmartConnect gathers is mined to provide intelligence related to over arching performance of the project.

Worker Protection and Mentoring

Alert workers to potential real time physical and behavioral hazards via visual and audible cues (LED lights, vibration, audible signals).

Monitoring, Management, and Response

  • Emergency Mustering
  • Worker Down Events
  • Edge / Remote Worker Management
  • Manage Worker Access to via Remote GeoFencing

Data Analytics

Provides managers instant feedback on:

  • Leading and Lagging Metrics
  • Say:Do ratio
  • First Starts
  • Automated Area Cost Coding
  • Equipment Location / Utilization
  • Any Custom Metric

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