Safety Focused. Data Driven.

The SmartConnect™ Connected Worker Solution.

Better answers for the high demands of short term construction projects.

Safety Focused. Data Driven.

The SmartConnect™ Connected Worker Solution.

Better answers for the high demands of short term construction projects.

Connecting people, workspaces, equipment, and processes – The SmartConnect Connected Worker platform drives overall project performance through safety.

Increase Safety

Give Every Worker Their Own Lifeline

Bi-directional smart badges connect team members and critical information:

  • Muster Alerts and Reporting
  • Restricted Zone Alerts
  • Fall Detection / Man Down Alerts
  • Weather Alerts

Promote Certainty

Get Better Awareness in Event Based Construction

  • Real time key metrics such as time on tools
  • Role-based Project Reporting
  • Custom Zone and Alert Configuration
  • Drone and Satellite Imagery of Work Sites
  • Shift Check in / Checkout

End Project Havoc

The Complete All-In-One Solution

  • Completely autonomous from on-premises power and networks
  • Secure, quick to deploy, and adaptable to the site location and business requirements
  • Installed, maintained, and managed by SmartConnect. Priced per badge per day.

Made from the ground up for the demands of the oil and gas Industry


Designed from the ground up by Safety and Project Management SMEs, SmartConnect dovetails into short-term shutdown and turnaround construction project needs. Near real-time data and analytics make daily activities visible and actionable at any time, helping to minimize project downtime and manage safety risks.

Applications for Owners and Management

SmartConnect solves the “where” and the “who” so you can get to the “why” for better event-based construction management. Learn More.

Advantages for Craft Workers

Discover how SmartConnect’s unique suite of technologies connects leaders and crews wherever they are on a job site. Learn More.

Powerful Smart Badge Technology

The only connected worker solution leveraging a tag containing multiple radio technologies (including Bluetooth, GPS, LoRa, and HID).

  • Thick, concrete walls and other reception-adverse environments are no match for our custom network
  • Cost effective to deploy across entire project
  • Two-way communication via text alerts, audible alarms, buttons, and lights


Short Term Project Applications

For almost two decades we’ve lived on the job during plant turnarounds, shut downs, and event-based projects. The SmartConnect connected worker solution integrates perfectly into the realities of the industries we service.

Oil and Gas Industry

An effective line of defense around workers in the chaotic shutdown and turnaround environment. The SmartConnect fully-implemented connected worker solution includes on site technical staff to maintain and support the project.

LNG and Wind Energy

Fall detection and man down features on the SmartBadge are a valued lifeline for edge workers. Behind the simple-to-use software is robust technology keeping vigilant watch over crews spread out over distance.

General Construction

Know where your team is and get better insights on how to work together. Always a team player, the SmartConnect solution can stand alone or integrate with other platforms.

Connect With Us

Learn how SmartConnect improves safety and turns "what if" into "why not". Contact our team to see SmartConnect in action and access hardware white papers.

Supervisor Application

Experience Supervisor, the SmartConnect virtual demonstration platform. Real environments and use cases - advanced asset and event simulations. Access available on request.

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