GULF BREEZE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2022 / — SmartConnect Connected Workforce Solutions, a safety and productivity-centric real-time location systems (RTLS) provider, has been granted a patent for a novel approach to connecting devices on a Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) network. The patent defines a method to reliably manage densely populated Internet of Things (IoT) devices requiring frequent bi-directional data communication on a long-range (LoRa) modulation-based LPWA network; a critical advantage of SmartConnect’s hardware technology.

“We are extremely proud of our team developing this technology. The journey to this patent started in a quest to build a connected worker solution that addresses the technological barriers currently limiting the feasibility of gaining real-time visibility on construction and other event-driven projects. One of the strategic goals of SmartConnect is to bridge the digital divide between high-level corporate vision and the functional, practical, and immediate needs of project execution teams,” says Shannon Posey, founder, and CEO of SmartConnect.

SmartConnect’s technology supports workers in high-density environments to cost-effectively enable fast and reliable asset location data without data loss. The patent combines the distance advantages of an LPWA network with the addition of zero data loss, and enhanced network reliability while utilizing a portable onsite infrastructure that is significantly less involved when compared to the onsite infrastructure of other connected workforce offerings.

US Patent No. 11,368,952 describes a method of using common timing to prevent network congestion and data loss on an LPWA network with many nodes (devices) communicating bi-directionally. By coordinating connections between gateway and node in scheduled epochs, the SmartConnect network can support many device connections with significantly lower data and connection loss levels. The patent is applied to the firmware running on LoRa gateways and SmartBadges provided by SmartConnect.

“This patent enables accurate moment-to-moment visualization of the project workforce, real-time situational awareness, and the ability to promote individual accountability to project procedures.”

— Shannon Posey

About SmartConnect

SmartConnect focuses on increasing safety and efficiency within the high-demand environment of large-scale construction projects. The flagship connected worker solution leverages minimal onsite infrastructure in combination with a real-time asset location engine. The secure SmartConnect cloud-based intuitive user interface enables those doing the work to demonstrate methods to improve work processes that define how work gets done and become more invested in the work itself and the outcomes achieved.

  • Near Real Time, 3-Dimensional Visualization of the workforce.
  • Light onsite infrastructure with no need for permanent hardware installation. Onsite hardware does not require connection to client IT communication infrastructure.
  • Relevant Data / Information and Reports – SmartConnect distills information into simple controls developed from years of job site experience. Users do not need to wade through deeply engineered reports to determine what information is relevant or explicitly requires their attention.
  • High Value, High ROI, Fast ROR – Cost averaging < $4 /day per worker monitored – All-in, no hidden cost, and no up-front capital investment required.
  • Evolved Project Performance – Actionable information at any time that enhances workforce safety, accountability, and efficiency through data-driven decisions.
  • A Complete Solution – Not just technology but also the know-how and experience required to operationalize wearable technology successfully.
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