Capturing the Total Picture

Built specifically for short term construction projects where environments are extreme and the need for safety is paramount.

Worker-Focused Safety Features

SmartConnect combines critical tools into one streamlined solution:

Monitor restricted or dangerous areas with geo-fenced zones

Automated fall detection/fall from height via SmartBadge

Push-button Man Down alerts with text confirmation

Current weather map layers and severe weather alerts

Trace SmartBadge movements over time

Initiate musters with auto zone check-in and worker alerts

Active Awareness

Monitor and visualize workers by levels or building floor plan overlays

Integrate current satellite and drone views of the job site location

Connect 15+ SmartBadge event types

Unlimited location, category, and zone configurations for endless practical applications

Role-based information display for managers, administrators, or any custom user type

Redundant and configurable alert preferences

Instant-on SmartBadge lights and sound, SMS, email, web portal user interface, and API to third-party applications

Visualize workers on map

 Distinguish by trade icon, head shot, or completely anonymized; workers under alert are highlighted

Connect With Us

Learn how SmartConnect improves safety and turns "what if" into "why not". Contact our team to see SmartConnect in action and access hardware white papers.

Supervisor Application

Experience Supervisor, the SmartConnect virtual demonstration platform. Real environments and use cases - advanced asset and event simulations. Access available on request.