The Smart Badge

The SmartConnect Smart Badge bilateral communication system enables timely contact between team members using text on-screen text messaging, audible cues, and light alerts. With the ability to sound an alarm or share critical information within seconds at the touch of a button, workers feel secure and empowered. The Smart Badge system can also be applied to equipment and vehicles.

Dimensions: 4.97” H x 2.97” W x .89” D

Power/Connections: 5V USB mini

Battery Life: 3-4 days of battery life depending on use.

Hardware: On-board Sensors: Accelerometer, Altimeter, LoRa (900MHz), LoRa (2.4GHz), GPS, HID ProX

Environmental: Operating and Storage Temperature: -20 C – 55 C

Certifications: IP54, FCC Part 15 Subpart C 15.247, UL 62368-1

Accuracy and Sample Rate: <5-meter location accuracy (dependent on beacon placement). Up to a 3-second location sample rate per tag (dependent on on-site infrastructure).

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