The Smart Badge

The SmartConnect Smart Badge bilateral communication system enables timely contact between team members using text on-screen text messaging, audible cues, and light alerts. With the ability to sound an alarm or share critical information within seconds at the touch of a button, workers feel secure and empowered. The Smart Badge system can also be applied to equipment and vehicles.

Dimensions: 4.97” H x 2.97” W x .89” D

Weight: 203g

Power/Connections: 5V USB mini

Battery Life: 3-4 days of battery life depending on use.

Hardware: On-board Sensors: Accelerometer, Altimeter, LoRa (900MHz), LoRa (2.4GHz), GPS, HID ProX

Environmental: Operating and Storage Temperature: -20 C – 55 C

Certifications: C1D2 Intrinsically Safe, FCC Part 15 Subpart C 15.247, UL 62368-1

Accuracy and Sample Rate: <5-meter location accuracy (dependent on beacon placement). Up to a 3-second location sample rate per tag (dependent on on-site infrastructure).

Connect With Us

Learn how SmartConnect improves safety and turns "what if" into "why not". Contact our team to see SmartConnect in action and access hardware white papers.

Supervisor Application

Experience Supervisor, the SmartConnect virtual demonstration platform. Real environments and use cases - advanced asset and event simulations. Access available on request.