Employee Contact Tracing Technology

Safe Distance Monitoring + Contact Tracing for Industrial Environments
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With our worker proximity monitoring feature, SmartConnect has answered the call for better clarity as America’s industrial sites continue to need maintenance and construction during demands for social distancing.

SmartConnect’s wearable technology helps keep employees safe by enforcing social distancing guidelines via alerts. When used with SmartConnect gateways, configurable contact tracing reports help quickly identify degrees of exposure.


Supporting COVID-19 Guidance
Helping the Oil and Gas industry adapt in challenging circumstances – The SmartConnect Connected Worker Solution works overtime to protect and mentor an effective workforce. Wearing the Smart Badge, each worker has a configurable safety zone monitor, notifying the wearer when others get too close. At the same time, The SmartConnect application creates a detailed history of proximity events and interactions to aid contact tracing.

Meets Critical Industrial Environment Requirements

  • Certified C1D2 Smart Badge. FCC certified and UL Listed.
  • Fast, responsive badge-to-badge ranging
  • No data leaves your site
  • Operates with or without connection to cloud software
  • Cost-effective monitoring solution
  • Supports organizational protocols for worker privacy and anonymity
  • Supports high-density environments (>1000 workers)
  • Comprehensive contact tracing reports

Mentoring While Monitoring

The contact monitoring feature has two modes, first gently reminding workers to maintain a safe distance, second creating alerts for extended contact events.

Proximity Alert

Proximity Warning and Alerts

The Smart Badge signals each worker inside a 6’ proximity with sound, light, and vibration alert. Alerts automatically stop when workers separate. Persistent close contact (>25 seconds – configurable) generates an alert on the ePaper display that is cleared by button push. With contact tracing functionality enabled, events are logged for reporting and administration.

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing

A detailed workforce contact report lists the Smart Badge ID, date, and duration of minimum proximity interactions between workers within a selected time frame. Tracing information is made available in real time via SmartConnect’s local network, removing the need to sync or upload data from individual Smart Badges.

Worker Proximity Alert Demonstration

Curious how occupational distance monitoring it works in real life? Watch our short demonstration video and then contact our SmartConnect team to understand how the Smart Badge can be applied at your location.

SmartConnect Contact Tracing Solution News

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