The Most Advanced Oil & Gas Connected Worker SYSTEM

Evolving projects from compliance-oriented to performance-focused

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Key Considerations Before Implementing a Connected Worker Initiative 

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Connecting Your Most Valuable Assets:

Your People, Your Process, Your Environment

Asset Tracking Helps You…

  • Multiply reach of management
  • Decrease response time to critical events
  • Increase efficiency on small processes
  • Save time and money
  • Prevent small problems from becoming huge incidents

Manage Your Turnaround Projects With Greater Certainty

Increase Safety

  • Restricted Zone Alerts
  • Muster Alerts And Reporting
  • Fall Detection
  • Man Down Alerts
  • Weather Alerts


Promote Certainty

  • Role-Based Reporting
  • Shift Check In/Check Out
  • Monitor Workers By Floor Plan Overlays
  • Integrate Current Aerial Views


End Project Havoc

  • Completely autonomous from on-premises power and networks
  • Secure, quick to deploy and adaptable to the site location


Our Powerful Smart Badge Technology Leverages Two-Way Communication To Promote Safety & Certainty

  • Multiple Radio Technology Including Bluetooth, GPS, LoRa and HiD
  • Text Alerts, Audible Alarms, Buttons & Lights Help Capture Attention In Busy, Robust Environments
  • Built-In Accelerometer, Altimeter, And Motion Detector
  • Easily Integrate Data From Other IoT Devices

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Frequently Asked Questions

We Already Use Too Many Different Systems. Won’t This Just Add To The Problem?

SmartConnect is not just technology. It’s applied knowledge that save lives, makes a better work environment, and expands capabilities. Our solution clarifies rather than clouds awareness.

How Do You Ensure That We Are Tracking The Right Things?

SmartConnect is a fully-implemented solution. Designed by safety experts to give you the right information at the right time. It translate millions of data points into connected events. Reporting in seconds what it used to take hours.

How Is This Managed On-Site? 

SmartConnect includes on-site technical staff.

Have A Question? Ask A SmartConnect Expert! 

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